2024 Batch 1 Robotics – Digital Gateway – June 2024


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Participant Options:
Individuals or groups (maximum of 5 participants per group)

Learning Kit Requirement:
Each group or individual participant must purchase a learning kit.

Pre-order Deadline:
Students should pre-order the learning kits 2 weeks before the commencement of the course

Digital Gateway : Exploring Digital Electronics and Microcontrollers
Saturday 8.00am – 11.00am

Basic Course

Digital Gateway : Exploring Digital Electronics and Microcontrollers
The basic course content for “Digital Gateway: Exploring Digital Electronics and Microcontrollers”
appears comprehensive, well-structured content which complete during 6 months. This course is all
about understanding cool things like how digital electronics and microcontrollers work. Students will
get from this course,
 Learning the Basics: Participants will learn the important stuff about digital electronics and
microcontrollers. It’s like building a strong foundation so they can learn even more cool stuff
later on.
 Understanding Harder Things: Once participants have got the basics down, they will find it easier
to understand even trickier stuff. It’s like getting a key that helps you unlock the door to more
advanced learning.
 Using What You Learn: This course isn’t just about knowing things, it’s about using that
knowledge. Student will get to try out what they learn by doing practical things, like fun projects
and solving real world problems.
 Keep Learning More: This course isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning. It’ll make students curious
to learn even more. Students will want to explore, discover, and become an expert in digital
electronics and microcontrollers.
This course is like taking the first step on an exciting journey to becoming a tech expert.

Course Objectives
 Introduce participants to the fundamental concepts of Digital Electronics and
 Familiarize students with electrical components, breadboards, power supplies, ICs,
microcontrollers, terminology and basic skills required in Digital Electronics and
 Provide students with a strong base in digital electronics and microcontrollers by
covering essential concepts, principles, and practical applications in the basic course,
learners are equipped with the necessary understanding and skills to progress
comfortably to more advanced levels of learning.
 Lay the foundation for further exploration in the intermediate and advanced levels.



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