2024 Batch 1 Robotics – IOT for Smart-Bots – June 2024


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Participant Options:
Individuals or groups (maximum of 5 participants per group)

Learning Kit Requirement:
Each group or individual participant must purchase a learning kit.

Pre-order Deadline:
Students should pre-order the learning kits before 2 weeks from the commencement of the course.

IoT for Smart-Bots: Integrating Smart Machines with the Cloud
Saturday 02.00pm – 05.00pm


Advanced Course


IOT for Smart-Bots: Integrating Smart Machines with the Cloud
The advance course content for IOT and Embedded Systems Integration Course is designed to immerse
you in the world of the Internet of Things (IOT) and empower participants with the skills needed to
integrate IOT systems with embedded devices. Throughout this course, participants will learn the
fundamentals of IOT, goes into the capabilities of the ESP32 microcontroller, camera integration,
comprehend the workings of Google Firebase for real-time data management, and learn how to combine
all these things to create a useful web-based application. By the end of this course, participant will be
really good at developing IOT-based solutions and integrating them with embedded systems for realworld applications.
Course Objectives
 Learn what IOT means and why it’s important in our daily lives and different
industries. Also, discover why storing and getting data from the cloud is crucial for
 Find out about the ESP32 microcontroller – what it can do and what special features it
has. Also, learn how to set it up and use it to make things happen.
 Explore Google Firebase, especially how it helps manage data in real-time using
Firebase Realtime Database and Firestore.
 Create a project using Firebase and connect it with the ESP32 for sending and getting
data in real-time. Also, learn how to make a basic web application to control and see
what the ESP32 is doing including the camera feed.
 Combine what you’ve learned about IOT with a robot project you might have worked
on before. Make sure the robot can talk to Firebase and develop a smart web
application to control and watch the robot. Additionally, overcome common issues
that arise in IOT setups, make it work better, and make sure it’s reliable.
 By the end of this course, participants will have a solid understanding of IOT basics,
how to use the ESP32, manage real-time data with Google Firebase, and create web
apps to control embedded systems.



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